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Continuity Development

Continuity Development

The focus of Bratislava’s presentation this year in Cannes concerns projects aimed at the continuity of development, zone conversion and selected projects representing various segments of real estate, especially housing, shopping, leisure, entertainment and logistics.


“The era of revitalisation and regeneration is gradually coming to an end also in Central and East Europe”, notes Bratislava Mayor, Andrej Ďurkovský, before the beginning of this year’s trade fair. “While the final decade of last century in Europe was characterised by a massive wave of reconstruction of historical centres, regeneration of former industrial areas, and the construction of shopping and entertainment centres, at present I feel that it will be those cities and towns that are capable of attracting also interesting production operations to their locality that will have the upper hand in future. The kind of operations that are friendly to the environment – science and technology parks, knowledge economy facilities, as well as for culture and leisure. These are the very segments in which I would like to see greater involvement of the private sector in Bratislava”.

  • EmbankmentThe Danube Embankment
    One of the key goals of the city urban planners in the very near future is to convert the city “by the river” into a city “on the river”. This is why certain amendments have been introduced or proposed in the New Land Use Plan (2007) with respect to urban development and planning.

  • Twin CityModernising Travel Gateways
  • The Bory MallDevelopment in the Regional Poles
  • River WharfThe New Wharf at Vlcie Hrdlo
    The concept for expanding Bratislava city centre to the east, west and south is linked to exploring the development potential of the Danube waterfront for the creation of a new wharf.

    The CEPIT science and technology park in the north-east of Bratislava is founded on the idea of linking up education, research and development, and economics. The park area, covering more than 60 hectares, will provide a wide range of functions, complemented by office space, a business incubator, services, accommodation and leisure facilities.

  • The Petrzalka HubThe Petrzalka Hub
    The railway hub of Bratislava is an important hub in the network of Slovak railways. There are 13 railway stations in the city’s boundaries, together with almost 90 km of track, 66 percent of which is electrified.



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