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Zone Conversion

Zone Conversion

The objective of zone conversion in Bratislava is to enhance the attractiveness of this compact city by utilising its zone potential. Planned projects deal with the transformation of former brown field sites from gloomy unused areas into fresh new centres where life pulses 24 hours a day. Projects combine quality architecture, public spaces, amenities for leisure and art, apartments with premium price and quality, and also public greenery.   


In addition to the development activities in the Pribinova Zone at the former Apollo refinery, Mlynske Nivy, and also on the right bank of the River Danube, the city in co-operation with developers and investors is examining also other areas like Podhradie, the former BCT textile factory, the Stein brewery and the Klingerka zone.

  • The Podhradie ZoneThe Podhradie Zone
    The Podhradie zone in the central district of Bratislava is part of a city heritage reservation. Thanks to its position, terrain layout and good orientation, the Podhradie is one of the most interesting development localities in Bratislava.

  • The Klingerka ZoneThe Klingerka Zone
    The conversion of this former industrial zone of the city will extend the range of amenities on offer and eradicate the many years of pollution to land and underground waters by oil products, which accumulated here after the bombing of the Apollo refinery in World War II.

  • The Stein Brewery ZoneThe Stein Brewery Zone
    Transformation of the estate of the former brewery will concentrate on the establishment of a new urban unit as part of the stabilised structure of the greater city centre.

  • The BCT ZoneThe BCT Zone
    This zone will see the estate of the former textile factory transformed into a top quality mixed-use and residential area, with the adaptation of some of the original industrial buildings to fulfil entirely new functions. The zone provides excellent access to the city centre, new shopping centres and the business district.



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