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Wine Cellars

Bratislava's history as a wine-trading town, and the surrounding area's winegrowing tradition, means that the wine cellar – or vinotéka, in Slovak – is a local institution. It is one that has enjoyed a renaissance in recent years: the private entrepreneurship that drives the wine business was stifled under communism but has revived since 1989, armed with knowledge and techniques handed down over generations.

There are several wine shops in the city (look for the 'vinotéka' signs) where the salespeople will be happy to offer you a glass of the local varieties.



Alternatively, many more can be found in the small towns and villages north-west of Bratislava, often by the roadside.  Most of these sell their own vineyards' products.


Local winemakers have grouped together to form the Small Carpathian Wine Route, which extends along the foot of the Small Carpathian hills through Svätý Júr, Pezinok and Modra as far as Smolenice, and east to the city of Trnava.  The route makes for an excellent day trip from Bratislava (providing the nominated driver refrains from drinking).  In the hills nearby are several castles – of which the largest, Červený Kameň (Red Stone), is open to visitors – as well as walking and cycling trails.


In Pezinok, about 30 kilometres north of Bratislava, is the National Wine Salon, where the best vintages from around Slovakia are collected (the selection is renewed annually) for visitors to taste.




Small Carpathian Wine Route:

National Wine Salon: (in Slovak)

Červený Kameň castle:



Národný salón vín?Slovenskej republiky (National Wine Salon of the Slovak Repulic)

Pezinský zámok

Mladoboleslavská 5?

902 01 Pezinok


Hrad Červený Kameň (Red Stone Castle)

900 89 Častá

(about 10 kilometres north of Modra)




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