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  • eventsEvents in Bratislava
    Tips for events in Slovakia between July 3 and 12, including lots of classical music, folklore and choir festivals, historical fencing, an adrenaline weekend, mediaeval festivals, a parkour race, concert by Philip Glass, and more.

  • barocBaroque still attracts audiences
    THE DAYS of Early Music dedicated its 20th year to “Baroque Europe” and this year’s festival offered five concerts presenting this period and its musical style to audiences in Bratislava between June 2 and 8.

  • saleMusic Festival tickets now on sale
    TICKETS for the Bratislava Music Festival (BHS) 2015 are already on sale. In past years some of the most sought-after musicians, orchestras or conductors were sold out quickly so it is advisable to check the programme soon.

  • eventsEvents in Bratislava
    Tips for events taking place in Slovakia between June 24 and July 5, including classical music, "chain" exhibition openings on two days, open.air performance of opera, a huge hip-hop festival, jazz onboard a boat, cultural and social events at castles, folklore, and more.

  • coronationReenactment of Charles VI coronation set for Bratislava
    BRATISLAVA will hold its 13th annual Coronation Ceremonies between June 26 and 28, with this year Charles VI – the last of the House of Habsburg on the Spanish throne and the first Spanish king on the Hungarian throne – set to be crowned.

  • CapitalsCapitals connect for music festival
    MUSIC festival Waves, which was a twin event as Waves Bratislava and Waves Vienna last year, will this time merge under the brand Waves Central Europe.

  • legendJournalism legend Ari Rath in Bratislava
    ONE OF he legends of world journalism, Ari Rath, presented his book Ari Means Lion: Memories at the Austrian Cultural Forum in Bratislava.

  • eventsBratislava events
    Tips for events taking place between June 17 and 28, including a guitar festival, events of foreign cultures, gastronomy and arts in Slovakia, an operatic premiere, start of in-line city rides, international film festival, open-air folklore, and more.

  • polishPolish avant-garde in Bratislava Kunsthalle
    KUNSTHALLE shall bring, from its very definition, progressive, provoking and innovative artworks, ideally with some insights or expert lectures.

  • summer“Summer in the City” – welcome to Bratislava 2015
    THERE are numerous songs and tunes that try to describe the hot season in a city, from the widely-known, slightly downbeat Summertime by George Gershwin, through hippie-playful In the Summertime by Mungo Jerry to the emphatic, complaining but also triumphant Summer in the City by Joe Cocker

  • eventsEvents in Bratislava
    Tips for events in Slovakia between June 12 and 21, including a lot of classical and choir music, a weekend of open gardens, a World Touring Car Championship, jazz, modern dance and a gastronomy festival.

  • Concentration campConcentration camp: unknown part of Petržalka history
    THE JEWISH Community Museum in Bratislava has been offering different exhibitions each summer season, while being closed in winter. This year, the exhibition on a so-far unknown, or less-known concentration camp in Petržalka will be its focus.

  • Al di MeolaEvents in Bratislava
    Tips for events between June 5 and 14, including concerts (Limp Bizkit, Al di Meola, Faith No More, Nightwish), Hungarian and Irish culture events, classical and jazz music, historical tournament at a castle, festival of roses, butterflies exhibition, and more.

  • designDesign and music festival joined forces
    BRATISLAVA Design Week, the international festival of contemporary design, has seen several changes recently. It has changed the date – to beginning June, and it has acquired, as an after-party, the Wilsonic music festival.

  • bellaBella Italia comes to Bella Slovakia in June
    THE ANNUAL festival of Italian culture, art and lifestyle will again enhance the cultural offer in June across Slovakia.

  • musicDays of Early Music celebrate 20 years
    THE ONLY continual international festival of its kind in Slovakia, Days of Early Music have turned 20 this year. In one week in June, it still finds apt works to be played, and eager musicians to perform them.

  • eventsEvents in Bratislava
    Tips for events between May 29 and June 7, including a day of armed forces, classical music events, a Lara Fabian concert, a car race, and more.

  • kapelaWorld Music from Slovakia project to introduce top ensembles
    WORLD music may not be the most-mainstream genre in Slovakia but folklore has strong roots here and many top local musicians were either directly inspired by it, or have played with it, making a more modern fusion of the classics with up-to-date trends and even foreign influences.

  • fujaryEvents in Bratislava
    Tips for events between May 22 and 31, including a concert of top four world/ethno music Slovak bands, a festival of environmental movies, days of architecture, an opera premiere, a literary festival, two markets of traditional crafts, Marc Chagall exhibition, and more.

  • jazzWho has Esprit in Slovakia
    JAZZ may not be the most mainstream genre in Slovakia but it still has many fans here, both among audiences and musicians – many of whom are appreciated also abroad and play with acclaimed foreign jazz musicians.

  • eventsEvents in Bratislava
    Tips for events between May 14 and May 24, including a multi-genre festival, gastronomy and community markets, Open Day at embassies, a two-day jazz festival, a dance competition, and more.

  • devinWine fair at Devín Castle this weekend
    THE WINE celebration named Vína Devina - Devínske vínne trhy' (Wines of Devín – Devín’s wine market fair) will take place in the village of Devín, suburb of Bratislava in the weekend on May 16-17.

  • Restaurant DaySlovakia prepares for the Restaurant Day
    ANYBODY may open his or her own pop-up restaurant at any unoccupied place in Slovakia on May 16 when the Restaurant Day will take place in Slovakia.

  • music houseRenowned conductor, performers, support Bratislava “music house”
    BRATISLAVA has historically been a town/city with a rich musical life. One of the venues connected with music – and also social life – is the house of the famous Albrecht family, renowned musicians.

  • tigerTiger cub at Bratislava Zoo christened Salim
    A WHITE male tiger cub, born at Bratislava Zoo in February, was christened Salim by Bratislava mayor Ivo Nesrovnal on April 25.


Page 25 out of total 529 entries on the page:  

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