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  • summer news 3Summer News 16.7.- 29.7.2014 [PDF, 15,6 MB]
    16.7.- 29.7.2014

    Traditionally throughout the summer the capital of Slovakia will host cultural and sporting events. Visitors and residents of Bratislava can expect a rich program.
    Bratislava offers variety of leisure time activities for everyone throughout the whole year. Also now, in the 21st century, you can recollect the traditions of strolling down the promenade in the Old Town with its pastry shops and cafés. The traditional Bratislava rolls can make the pleasant stroll through romantic streets even sweeter.
    Lovers of sun and beaches will again fi nd a piece of a seaside resort in the country‘s interior again on Tyršovo Waterfront during the whole summer. On the hot days, local lakes and swimming pools will help you cool off.
    Cycling fans will also have something to look forward to. They can explore the city and its surroundings riding the popular bicycle.

    Program and recommendations in attachment

  • ice barAmundsen Ice Bar Bratislava

    Dunajská str. 8, Bratislava, Slovakia

    Minus 5°C / 23°F all year round, cool drinks,
    dance club and great fun in Bratislava centre.

  • reconstructionTemporary Public Transport Rearrangements (jan. - mai 2014)
    Stops Šafárikovo námestie, Malá scéna and Nové SND are temporarily cancelled due
    to the reconstruction works. Please see the alternate public transport schedules.

    Bus No X13 from the Main Railway Station (Hlavná stanica)

  • ohňostrojMidnight Countdown
    Having so much fun, make sure that you do not forget to raise
    your head and watch the midnight fireworks!

    It will be set off from the bank of the Danube, between the
    Starý most Bridge and theMost SNP Bridge. Námestie Ľ. Štúra
    Square and Rázusovo nábrežie Embankment will be the best
    places for you to enjoy the New Year fireworks.

  • nightlifeAre you longing for even more fun?
    There are after-parties to everybody´s taste
    club parties or parties on grand scales!

  • hradbyMedieval Christmas Marks
    from December 13 to 15 on the City Walls, nearby St. Martin´s Dome.

  • vianocne_trhy_iconBratislava Christmas Markets
    22 November – 23 December 2013 daily from 10:00 to 22:00

    As always, this year the Christmas atmosphere will enter our capital city with everything
    that goes with it. On 22 November, the lighting-up of the Christmas trees on Main Square
    (Hlavné námestie) and Hviezdoslav Square (Hviezdoslavovo námestie) will announce
    the start of the Bratislava Christmas Markets!

  • Jewish BratislavaReclaiming a Lost City
    A new project renders the memory of Bratislava’s Jewish quarter indelible.
    An imaginative new initiative in the small but perfectly formed capital of The
    Slovak Republic aims to evoke the city’s historic Jewish heritage.

  • raca vinobranieSt. Martin´s Days: 8. – 11. November 2013
    The celebrations of young wine will start on Saturday at 4 p.m.,
    by traditional blessing of wine in St. Ladislaus´ Chapel, followed
    by the St. Catharine’s Taste Festival (8. – 9.11.) by which the City
    of Bratislava will welcome young wine. Also this year, you will have
    a chance to taste and buy the best Slovak wines with the premium
    quality mark and that all in one place, in the Old Market Hall, or
    Stará tržnica!

  • Vcera a predvceromYesterday & before; October 25 – November 10, 2013
    The story of Cvernovka, a former factory for cotton yarns, in the course of three
    centuries, two world wars, five political regimes and four human generations.
    Authentic historical materials: photographs, product fragments, sample books,
    posters, patent documents etc..

  • husKingly Feast at the Divoká Voda
    Get ready for the oncoming cold months by indulging
    in nutritious and filling food! The Divoká Voda resort
    prepared for you a three-course menu of the top-quality
    game meat, not forgetting at your comfort either.

  • svetovy den CRCelebrate the World Tourism Day
    Bratislava Tourist Board invites you to celebrate
    the World Tourism Day. This year's main topic:
    Water and Tourism; protect our common future.

  • Noc vyskumnokovResearchers´ Night – a science festival
    The 9th edition of the European initiative taking place
    every year on a single September night in 33 countries
    all over Europe, in about 300 cities, among others also
    in Bratislava.

  • Radnickine trhyTown Hall Markets 2013 a.k.a. Radničkine trhy
    Also this year, the traditional markets of handmade products will
    take place in Radničné námestie Square. The Radničkine trhy
    (Town Hall Markets) annually present works by the handicapped.
    In addition to stands selling various products, a cultural programme
    is prepared for the market visitors.

  • Dobry trhDobrý trh (Good Market) on Panenská street
    Traditionally, a hearty serving of a multi-cultural programme, exotic
    food specialities, original design products and remarkable antiques
    are waiting for you. On Saturday, 14 September 2013!

  • Bratislava Culinary SeasonsBratislava Culinary Seasons
    This gastronomic event takes place on the 26th, 27th and 28th of September
    and presents traditional dishes from Bratislava sub-regions as Zahorie,
    Danube and Small Carpathian region, e.g. Sauteed goose liver with speck
    and red wine, lard cakes or potato pancakes called "lokshe".

  • raca vinobranieVintage in Rača 13.-15.9. 2013
    City of Bratislava - Rača cordially invites you
    to the traditional "Račan vintage", which will
    be held from 13th to 15th of September, in the
    streets of Rača.

  • dizajnweekBratislava Design Week 2013
    This year's theme of the international festival of contemporary
    design will be City to the Fullest! and therefore will primarily
    focus on the urban potential of Bratislava.

  • Obchod v MuzeuVisit retro Shop in a museum
    A unique shop in the historical centre. It is furnished with authentic
    furniture and decorated with advertising signs in the style of shops
    of old Pressburg from the deposits of the Museum of Shopping.

  • DonauFESTDonauFEST 2013
    The Danube countries will here present their traditions
    in the fields of gastronomy, crafts and arts. Each day will
    marked by a different spirit. Thus folklore, jazz and also
    the old-times´ Pressburg will take their turn.

  • pohladnicaFind the postcard and Twin City Liner with Prešporáčik will take you for a free tour!
    Search for the card in our stall of Bratislava Toursit Board.
    (clue: in one of the corners of DonauFEST at M.R. Stefanik Square)

  • vinocentrumVinocentrum in Svätý Jur
    On every Thursday from 19:00,
    one of the local wine makers will
    offer a taste of his wine and speak
    about it at Vinocenter in Svätý Jur.

  • husOpen Day at restaurants offering goose specialties in Slovenský Grob
    The village of Slovenský Grob is famous in Slovakia and abroad for its more
    than a century old tradition of roasted goose and specialty meals out of it.

  • Open Day at restaurants offering goose specialties in Slovenský Grob
  • miloslavovDanubian Handcraft Courtyard in Miloslavov
    Danubian Handcraft Courtyard in Miloslavov is open from April
    to October for individual sightseeing tours every Saturday
    and Sunday from 14:00 to 16:00.


Page 25 out of total 218 entries on the page:  

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