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Bratislava News

  • Courtesy of flying musicCountrywide events (Dec, 14 - Dec, 21, 2009)
    ALMOST half a year after Michael Jackson’s unexpected death, the world of music has not yet finished paying tribute to the King of Pop through various events dedicated to his dancing and music. On December 18 and 19, the city of Bratislava will join in this celebration of one of the greatest entertainers with three performances of a show entitled Thriller Live, which brings to life on stage the sensational dancing and distinctive sound of Jackson’s greatest hits, as well as the most famous singles of his family’s band, The Jackson Five.

  • Courtesy of GMBCountrywide events (Dec, 7 - Dec, 14, 2009)
    Bratislava EXHIBITION: Small Slovak villages and the large European metropolises of Prague and Paris, toreadors and clowns, soldiers and tramps: these are some of the motifs found in paintings by Cyprián Majerník, one of the most influential Slovak artists, whose best pieces are now displayed at the Bratislava City Gallery.

  • Courtesy of ErrorCountrywide events (Nov, 30 - Dec, 7, 2009)
    SIX theatre performances, a documentary screening and an international conference are on the programme of Error, or the International Festival of Homeless Theatres, which will be running in Bratislava on December 4 and 5. This event presents theatre ensembles featuring homeless actors from the four Visegrad countries: Slovakia, Hungary, Poland and the Czech Republic.

  • Courtesy of A-mediaCountrywide events (Nov, 23 - Nov, 30, 2009)
    BratislavaFESTIVAL: THOSE who prefer sunny, hot weather to the chilly winds of autumn can find refuge at the Flamenco Festival, which will take place in Bratislava from November 25 to 28.

  • People stop to look at the photos on, and also inside, the outdoor display cubesMarking the Velvet Revolution in Bratislava’s squares
    ON NOVEMBER 17, Slovakia will mark the 20th anniversary of the launch of the Velvet Revolution which brought down the former totalitarian regime, the most remarkable milestone in the recent history of the country. There will be a number of events on this day across Slovakia marking the first steps taken to cross that threshold.

  • Courtesy of Tommy EmmanuelCountrywide events (Nov, 16 - Nov, 23, 2009)
    Bratislava CONCERT: TWO-TIME Grammy nominee Tommy Emmanuel, a successful Australian guitarist with a professional career spanning almost five decades, will appear in Bratislava on November 21. The 54-year-old artist’s particular style of playing, which consists in using all ten fingers, has made him one of the most respected guitarists worldwide and enabled him to cooperate with stars such as Tina Turner, Stevie Wonder, Sting and Eric Clapton. Emmanuel will share the stage with his special guest, the Martin O’ Connor Trio, named after its leader, noted Irish accordionist.

  • An image from Little Towns project by Jiří Křenek, exhibited within Via LucisNovember means photography in Bratislava
    FOR PHOTOGRAPHERS, November is a red-letter month in Bratislava. For this is when the city traditionally holds its festival of photography. This year, in its 19th incarnation, the Month of Photography offers a range of exhibitions varying in colour, style, origin and themes, not to mention the fame of the authors.

  • Photo: Courtesy of Universal MusicCountrywide events (Nov, 9 - Nov,16, 2009)
    Bratislava CONCERT:EVEN those who are not die-hard jazz fans may appreciate the concert by Diana Krall, world-acclaimed Canadian singer and pianist, who appears in Bratislava on November 12 at 20:00. The 44-year-old diva, boasting two Grammys and also the prestigious Order of Canada, has never before visited Slovakia.

  • Source: Courtesy of Melos EthosCountrywide events (Nov, 2 - Nov, 9, 2009)
    BratislavaFESTIVAL: SCORES of Slovak and foreign musicians will perform at the Melos-Ethos International Festival of Contemporary Music in Bratislava from November 6 to 15.

  • Photo: Courtesy of Duna AgencyCountrywide events (Oct, 26 - Nov, 2, 2009)
    Bratislava CONCERT: TO celebrate their 40th birthday as a band, Yes, the famed British progressive rock ensemble, is going on a unique tour around Europe and Bratislava is on their itinerary.

  • Christmas Market 2009Christmas Market in Bratislava
    Winter and Christmas in the city officially starts each year with the Christmas tree lights being illuminated on Hlavne namestie (Main Square).

  • Richard MullerCountrywide events (Oct, 12 - Oct, 18, 2009)
    Bratislava CONCERT: POP-ROCK fans from all around Slovakia can look forward to hearing some of the best-known hits by singer-songwriter Richard Müller, who only recently announced his comeback after several years of retirement, as he is touring the country between October 14 and 27.

  • Courtesy of Tu v domeCountrywide events (Oct, 5 - Oct, 12, 2009)
    Bratislava LIVE MUSIC: Joris Roelofs Quartet – One of New York’s best-known jazz musicians gigs with his friends Aaron Goldberg, Reginald Veal and Greg Hutchinson.

  • Convergence brings musicians from all over the world to Bratislava. Source: Julián VevericaChamber music in a Bratislava factory
    THE CHAMBER music scene in Slovakia would not be the same without Convergence, a festival which has now marked its 10th anniversary.

  • Andreas VollenweiderCountrywide events (Sep, 28 - Oct, 4, 2009)
    Bratislava MUSIC: DOUBLE Grammy laureate Andreas Vollenweider, prominent world-music and jazz composer and performer from Switzerland, is heading to Bratislava for the first time in his career.

  • A shard of Roman pottery, found at Bratislava castle. Source: TASRRoman artefacts found at Bratislava Castle
    BRATISLAVA Castle is currently undergoing renovation, and has been given new night-lighting and a new colour, the ČTK newswire wrote. But in addition, during works in August, archaeologists uncovered remnants of Roman buildings and Celtic coins that they say prove the present-day Slovak capital was in Roman times an important central-European Celtic power centre.

  • Hardwear jewelleryCountrywide Events (Sep, 21 - Sep, 27, 2009)
    Bratislava EXHIBITION: AS MANY as 35 artists, including both professionals and students from secondary schools and universities, have prepared a joint design exhibition in Bratislava focusing on the environment and recycling.

  • MICECity of Incentive Tourism
    Bratislava has become one of the fastest continuosly growing new Congress and Conference Cities in Europe. Situated a 1 to 3 hour flight from major European cities can be easily accessed via two international airports- Bratislava international airport and only a 35 minutes car ride from the Vienna inetrnational airport. Located at the border with 3 countries, Hungary to the south, and Austria and the Czech Republic to the west is perfect city to host a meeting or incentive event.

  • Open Cellars DayThe Open Cellars Day
    The annual Open Cellar’s Day, put on by the Small Carpathian Wine Route Association, is scheduled for November 20 and 21. $ 46.00 ticket holders are entitled to visit as many as they wish of the hundreds of wine cellars around Bratislava.

  • DiscoWorld ChampionshipCountrywide Events (Sep 7 - Sep 13, 2009)
    Bratislava CHAMPIONSHIP: MORE than 2,400 dancers from 17 countries have applied for the 3rd DiscoWorld International and European Championship that will be held in Bratislava between September 8 and 12. During these days full of music, sweat, victories (and losses), young people will compete in various categories such as Disco Dance, Street Dance, Jazz Dance and Ballet as soloists, duos or ensembles up to 24 members.

  • Leonard Cohen concertLeonard Cohen: I didn't come to fool you
    “I'VE TOLD the truth, I didn't come to Bratislava to fool you,” he said, in the melancholic voice that has found its way into the hearts of even those Slovaks who were unable to fully taste all the shades of his sublime poetry.

  • Napoleon armyNapoleon's troops return to Petržalka city park
    IN SAD Janka Kráľa city park on the Petržalka bank of the Danube River history fans returned to the year 1809 to witness the great siege of Bratislava when the French army of Emperor Napoleon clashed with the Great Hungarian army at this exact site.

  • FloodsSummer on the Danube
    Summer on the Danube: cyclists in Bratislava contemplate going for a paddle after a rise in river levels in late June. The effects were more serious in neighbouring Austria and the Czech Republic, which experienced serious flooding.



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