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Bratislava Development Potential

Development Potential
  • real estate marketReal Estate Market
    The economic reforms of the Slovak government from the 2002-2006 period led to impressive economic growth, which last year came to over 8% on average.

  • office spaceOffice Space
    The market of office space is currently the most developed segment of the property market in Bratislava. Bratislava swiftly made up for the lost time of the 1990s.

  • retailRetail Premises
    Where retail premises are concerned, Bratislava is quite unique. Unlike other world capitals, it does not have a typical high street, i.e. a street where exclusive shops are concentrated.

  • housing2008Housing
    Bratislava has traditionally been the driving force in terms of the construction of new flats, easily outdoing all the other regions of Slovakia.

  • other segmentsOther Segments
    The other segments of the real estate market in Bratislava are also witnessing a golden era. The Slovak metropolis is a key transport hub of European waterways, railways, airways and roadways.

  • Twin City LinerBratislava – Vienna Twin City Region
    Bratislava and Vienna have had strong ties since living memory. Not only in terms of their geographical proximity (60 km part), which is unique in Europe, but also in terms of their shared historic past.



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