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Wining and Dining

  • Camouflage RestaurantWining and Dining
    The city centre has been referred to as “one huge restaurant”. It is more or less true because you can find a restaurant, café, bar or pub on every corner. There are hundreds in the pedestrian zone alone. The people of Bratislava enjoy spending time socialising in them. We all wait with anticipation for the restauranteurs to put out their tables and chairs on the streets around about May so that together with the tourists we can sip on a glass of fine wine from the local vineyards and admire the beauty of the Bratislava ladies as they pass by. Bon appetite and cheers!

  • Arcadia - Restaurant L'OliveRestaurants
    Bratislava has hundreds of restaurants and, as a result, most tastes are catered for. Naturally, Slovak cuisine is most common, but Chinese and Japanese, Argentinian and Cuban, Russian and American, among others, are all represented. Every budget is catered for. Haute cuisine can be had, as well as fast food: all the main international chains can be found in the city centre.

  • Main Square - Hlavné námestieCafes
    Drinking coffee is one of Bratislava's most cherished traditions, largely a legacy of its centuries-long history as part of the Austro-Hungarian Empire. As a result you will never be short of an opportunity to sit down and relax with a good-quality cup: there is a cafe on almost every street, and many serve leading Italian brands.

  • BarsBars
    Drinking – in a (mostly) responsible way – is one of Slovakia's great traditions. As a result, people in Bratislava, like most other Slovak towns, tend to socialise in pubs, bars and restaurants. Some of the city's pubs are large and boisterous, others small and intimate; some are stark and modern, others wood-pannelled and traditional. The best way to check them out is to stroll around the town and walk inside (or take a seat on the terrace in the summer). Several are housed in the city's ancient cellars – look for a sign advertising beer, and head down the stairs.

  • Wine and Wine BarsWine and Wine Bars
    It is said that wine was brought to territory of Bratislava already by Romans who built vineyards and cultivated grapes. Quality of delicious wine was famous even in royal court of Austria – Hungary where Frankovka modra form grapery coming from Bratislava Urban district named Raca has been drank since 1767.



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