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15.2.2015POVAŽIE – an Exhibition until 15th of February 2015
Discover the beauty of Slovak Folk Art Production held in our “Front Room” on SNP Square num. 12. Some of the Gallery’s exhibits are also saleable, so that you can bring a serious piece of Slovakia back home then. Other pieces from the exhibition are from the historical collection of our Museum ĽUV (FolkArtProduction).

Open from Monday to Friday between 10.30 AM and 6 PM and on Saturday between 10 AM and 2 PM.
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Veronika Rybárová
28.1.2015Events in Bratislava, January 19 - January 28, 2015
weekly events
Enjoy your time in Bratislava with our weekly event guide!
City festivals, sports, concerts and much more...
Document folders: Communications center
Martin Batora
31.12.2014Bratislava Christmas markets
Christmas markets
21.11.2014 - 23.12.2014
Plunging temperatures, earlier sunsets, cold winds, children being extra well behaved, all signs that, alas, the year is drawing to a close. The good news is that with it comes the excitement of the holiday season. Probably no other time of year sparkles with traditions and good cheer like the Christmas season.

Still, as the days shorten, the traditional Christmas stalls make their presence known in all of Bratislava’s central squares, continuing a tradition that stretches back into the middle ages.
Document folders: Culture
Veronika Rybárová
31.12.2014New Year´s Eve Bratislava
silvester in Kempinski
A night to remember - spend the most anticipated party night of the year at the Kempinski Hotel River Park Bratislava in style!
Document folders: Culture
Veronika Rybárová
18.12.2014Vinocentrum in Svätý Jur
On every Thursday from 19:00, one of the local wine makers will offer a taste of his wine and speak about it at Vinocenter in Svätý Jur. Admission is 9 euros, which in addition to wine tasting also pays for some food.
Document folders: Culture
Veronika Rybárová
30.11.2014Sunday Brunch
Sunday Brunch
Savor every bite from a wide range of international and local cuisines, using only the freshest and best ingredients. Enjoy precious moments with your family and stunning
Please note that during the summer Friday BBQ: American style - will substitute for Sunday Brunch.
The Brunch season will start again on 14th September 2014.
Document folders: Culture
Veronika Rybárová
30.11.2014Exclusive Opera Package
Opera Package
Discover the contemporary and strikingly impassioned interpretations of some of the best pieces of Opera at the Slovak National Theatre. Includes one-night accommodation, Category 1 ticket to the Opera, tour through the back-stage area, transfer from the hotel to the Opera, access to the rooftop Spa and buffet breakfast.
Valid until 30.06.2015
Document folders: Culture
Veronika Rybárová
3.11.2014Month of Photography festival
Month of Photography

We would like to invite you for the 24th edition of the international Month of Photography festival which will be held from the 3rd of November until the 30th of November in 30 galleries and museums in Bratislava.
The festival offers a unique chance to learn about the outstanding work of Central-European authors as well as stars of European photography for example: The Slovak New Wave of the 80s, Rudolf Koppitz 1884 - 1936 (Austria), Jurij Kozyrev (Russia), Pierre a Gilles ( France) , Gabriele Basilico 1944 - 2013 (Italy) and the winners of the SONY WORLD PHOTOGRAPHY AWARDS 2014.
Document folders: Culture
Veronika Rybárová
15.10.2014Bratislava medieval city walls – Enchanting lane of Bratislava
27.6.2014-15.10.2014, Bratislava city walls

New route from the city center to the Bratislava castle!
The city walls will be accessible from 27 June till 15 October, open daily from 10:00 a.m. till 8:00 p.m., from 16 October till 30 November, open daily from 10:00 a.m. till 5:00 p.m.
Document folders: Culture
Veronika Rybárová
5.10.2014Waves Bratislava 2014
October 3.-5. 2014 on stages in a very heart of Bratislava city

This Slovakia-unique event connects under one roof the concept of showcase music festival and conference aimed to supporting the best from local and foreign music. Its aim is to offer it to broader public, music professionals, labels and media.
Document folders: Culture
Veronika Rybárová
25.9.2014Cognac Discovery
Cognac discovery
25.9.2014, 19:30

The Best of France – Maxime Trijol

Maxime Trijol is a family-run business operating since 1859. Taste a selection of their exclusive cognacs together with a degustation dinner.
Document folders: Culture
Veronika Rybárová
20.9.2014Courtyards of the Kapitulská Street
Kapitulské dvory

Following the success of the “Courtyards of the Kapitulská Street” spring event, the KAPITULSKÁ STREET REVIVAL civic association in cooperation with BKIS and BTB has decided to organize the “Courtyards of the Kapitulská Street” autumn event. Unlike the spring event, which took place only in the courtyards, the autumn event will also include the Kapitulská street itself and the adjacent streets. In terms of the civic association programme, the main idea of the upcoming is the focus on history - art and culture.
Document folders: Culture
Veronika Rybárová
20.9.2014MOBILIZATION at the bunker

Czechoslovak fortification museum invite you to a public event MOBILIZATION at the bunker B-S 4 on Saturday 20th september in Bratislava.

We are preparing this year, two fight shows, using expansion ammunition and pyrotechnics. Presented will be uniformed soldiers of WWII, accompanied by veteran cars, period army camps, guided tours through museum B-S 4, performances of B-Swing, Miss Yesterday, and others.
Document folders: Culture
Veronika Rybárová
15.9.2014Adventure Mondays
adventures monday
from July 21 to September 15

During the summer tourist season, the Bratislava Tourist Board (BTB) offers the tourists some ideas how to spend their time in Bratislava in a meaningful way. Adventure Mondays, a tourist programme prepared by the BTB, running from July 21 to September 15, brings the visitors to the capital city a large variety of activities for lovers of history, arts or sports.
Document folders: Culture
Veronika Rybárová
13.9.2014ORIGINAL BEER SALON - The 1st Beer Salon, a beer tasting of breweries
Beer salon
September 11- 13, 2014., Stará tržnica (Old Market Hall)

The Beer Salon in the Stará tržnica (Old Market Hall) will present breweries from Slovakia, the Czech Republic and other parts of the world by means of tasting.
The aim of the Beer Salon in the Stará tržnica is to present traditionally brewed beer as a beverage having its story, value and exceptionality, and to point out its specific features and different types. At the same time, the intention is to help the exhibition visitors understand the ways of serving and consuming beer, combining beer with various kinds of meals etc.. In addition, the goal is also to raise the value of traditionally brewed beer to the level it deserves. Last but not least, the Beer Salon wants to highlight beneficial effects of beer on human body and general improvements of life quality.
Document folders: Culture
Veronika Rybárová
12.9.2014American Friday BBQ with special creativ activities for children
American BBQ
every Friday, 6 p.m. - 10 p.m. 20th June - 12th September 2014, River Bank Restaurant's terrace
EUR 39 per person

We also invite children to have fun and drawing during Friday BBQ.
Document folders: Culture
Veronika Rybárová
7.9.2014Mucha Quartet plays Dvorak - Mucha Quartet hrá Dvořáka
Mucha kvartet
7.9. 2014 Gallery Mirbach Palace, Bratislava in the project forum for young talent

Mucha Quartet String Quartet in collaboration with cultural organizations selected cities in Slovakia and the support of the Ministry of Culture of the Slovak Republic began his concert series titled: „Mucha Quartet plays Dvorak" – slovak: „ Mucha Quartet hrá Dvořáka“
Document folders: Culture
Veronika Rybárová
7.9.2014Magio Beach
magio beach
5.6. - 7.9. 2014, Bratislava

Awaiting you on Magio Beach next to the park Sad Janka Krála every day is a rich program for children and adults. You can look forward to, for example, a concert of the band Lavagance, a beach volleyball tournament, screening of traveller fi lms, various exercises, massages, nutritional advice, or conversation in English.
Document folders: Culture
Veronika Rybárová
Slovak Geoawards 2014
6.September 2014, 9am - 7pm; Area Divoka Voda, Cunovo water project, Bratislava

- Gala evening with an announcement and awarding of winners of "GeoAwards 2014"
- Exhibition of Slovak Wood Geocoin with FLASH MOB exchange subevents
- amazing water attractions
- event LAB caches
- a number of subevents
- interesting additional program
- Slovak Mega-event geocoin
- Area for kids with competitions and workshops
Document folders: Culture
Veronika Rybárová
1.9.2014Bratislava Inline
Bratislava Inline
from 27.7.2014, every Friday - Aupark

The eleventh edition of the Bratislava Inline skating event begins with the first ride on June 27. Participants of this mass ride across the city on inline skates and bikes will meet at 20:00 in the relaxation zone behind Aupark, while the start itself is one hour later. The route leads through Petržalka and a break will be at KC Technopol.
Document folders: Sport
Veronika Rybárová
31.8.2014TWO LANDSCAPES Picture of Slovakia: 19th Century x the Present Time
Two landscapes
July 3 – October 19, 2014

The Slovak National Gallery exhibition entitled Two Landscapes / Picture of Slovakia: 19th Century # the Present Time demonstrates the transformations of Slovak landscape in 19th century art; it also shows how well contemporary art from the 1970s up to today acquitted itself when dealing with this theme. This multi-genre and trans-historical project comprised of abundant material (drawings, graphic artwork, photographs, paintings, sculptures and objects, installations, videos, actions and performances) shows the breadth and diversity of the depiction of the Slovak countryside as a topographically defined location, adapted and interpreted by 19th century artists as well as contemporary artists.
Document folders: Culture
Veronika Rybárová
31.8.2014Music on the Danube
Music on the Danube
You can check out your favourite summer cruises on the Danube also this year. Music cruises for adults and interactive family cruises are organized on the ship Martin. In the evening of July 7, the concert of Lerry & Comeback is prepared for you. A week later, the fun cruise Pirátislava including an interactive performance of the Theatre Dunajka will take place in the afternoon.
Document folders: Culture
Veronika Rybárová
31.8.2014Festival Music Square
Festival music square
every Sunday, Hlavné square

Come to Hlavné Square where the Music Square Festival plays classic music, jazz, folk, country and world music every Sunday.The first weekend in July will belong to the Serbian formation Balkan Strings Trio and a week later the Band of the Ministry of Interior of the Slovak Republic will perform
Document folders: Culture
Veronika Rybárová
23.8.2014Uprising Reggae Festival 2014
21.-23.8.2014, Zlaté piesky Bratislava

At the end of the summer, from 21st to 23rd of August, Bratislava’s Zlate piesky will host a huge multinational musical uprising for the seventh time in a row. Instead of violence, Uprising will fight in the form of the best music from the world of reggae, dancehall, ska, hip-hop, dubstep, drum&bass, balkan or electro-swing. The latest information is that Uprising Festival is entirely ready and armed with the strongest line-up in its history.
Document folders: Culture
Veronika Rybárová
9.8.2014Open Days at the M.R. Štefánik Airport
Open days Airport
Sightseeing at the premises of public and non-public part of the new terminal, display of work of police dogs or hawks and falcons in fl ight. All this awaits you on the Doors Open Day at the M.R. Štefánik Airport on 7-9 August. In addition, you will be able to pass a security check, ride an electric car, look at the departures and arrivals area, and see the special government airplane Tupolev TU-154.
Document folders: Culture
Veronika Rybárová

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