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The Manderla Building

The Manderla Building, with its eleven floors, was the city's first high-rise building and was for a long time known as 'the Bratislava skyscraper'. It was built in 1935 by architects Ernest Spitzer and Christian Ludwig. Originally, the first floor was occupied by a café, the Grand, and a sign on top of the building, 45 metres above street level, advertised the owners name: Bratislava meat wholesaler Rudolf Manderla.

The building can now be recognised by the dark red vertical stripes on its exterior. A new Grand Café has now opened on the ground floor; Manderla's name has been replaced by a sign advertising an insurance company.

Nám. SNP 23
811 01 Bratislava

Centre - pedestrian precinctCentre - pedestrian precinct


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