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Located in the only remaining Bratislava synagogue, visit to the Jewish Community Museum provides an excellent opportunity to learn the fascinating story of Bratislava Jews and encounter their heritage.



Many interesting exhibits can be seen, including the rare silver Torah finials by Fredericus Becker, Sr., Pressburger yeshivah memorabilia and precious tax records book from the 18th century, which was purchased at the Sotheby's in New York by the Bratislava Jewish community in order to bring back its lost heritage. The Holocaust memorial wall with three-thousand family names of Bratislava Jews displays objects of personal memory, which belong to the Jewish community members.


Synagogue was built in 1923-1926 in the Cubist style after designs of the architect Artur Szalatnai-Slatinsky, who belonged to the most important Slovak interwar architects. While visiting the museum, you may also view the synagogue sanctuary used until today for regular Jewish religious services.


The partner of the Jewish Community Museum is the Bratislava Self-Governing Region. The Synagogue is a part of the Slovak Jewish Heritage Route.



Jewish Community Museum

Heydukova 11-13, Bratislava

Opening hours

Friday 13-16, Sunday 10-13, except Jewish holidays


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