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Bratislava is justly considered a city of music. In the past, giants of music like Mozart, Haydn, Beethoven, Rubinstein, and Hummel have written and performed here. The present-day ballet and opera of the Slovak National Theatre are world-renowned for their classical performances and have produced opera stars like Peter Dvorský, Lucia Popp and Edita Gruber...



The Slovak National Theatre's opera house and the historical building of the Slovak Philharmonic Orchestra – more commonly known as the Reduta – are often used to host cultural and social events. 


As well as music and opera, Bratislava has more than 20 galleries with permanent exhibitions of classical and modern art, along with many interesting temporary exhibitions. Among the city's cultural attractions is the original "Passage" art installation – unlike anything else anywhere in the world.  It can be found in the Pálffy Palace (Panská 19), part of the Bratislava City Gallery. 


Each year, Bratislava holds many cultural events. Among the best-known are the Bratislava Music Festival (BHS) in September and the Bratislava Jazz Days (BJD) in October. And, since 1999, a series of very popular outdoor events have also been held each year. The Bratislava Coronation Ceremony, in which the coronation of one of the Hungarian kings is re-enacted, is normally held in September and attracts large crowds.  But the biggest event of the year is still the city's spectacular New Year’s Eve Party, also known as "Welcome to Partyslava". 


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