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Drinking – in a (mostly) responsible way – is one of Slovakia's great traditions. As a result, people in Bratislava, like most other Slovak towns, tend to socialise in pubs, bars and restaurants. Some of the city's pubs are large and boisterous, others small and intimate; some are stark and modern, others wood-pannelled and traditional. The best way to check them out is to stroll around the town and walk inside (or take a seat on the terrace in the summer). Several are housed in the city's ancient cellars – look for a sign advertising beer, and head down the stairs.



Slovak beer is of high quality and generally low price, very similar to Czech pilsners (which are also widely available). But Bratislava's heritage as a wine town means high quality-local vintages are also widely available. International spirit brands are served everywhere, along with local spirits such as Demänovka (a herbal liqueur), borovička (juniper-based and similar to gin, though normally drunk neat) and slivovica (made from plums).


Most of the well-known soft drinks are also available, along with Kofola, a local cola drink that is sometimes served on tap.


As in cafes, you will normally be served at your table (unless you sit at the bar, though in many places there is little or no actual bar seating), and pay for your drinks when leaving.


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