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Main Square - Hlavné námestie
Drinking coffee is one of Bratislava's most cherished traditions, largely a legacy of its centuries-long history as part of the Austro-Hungarian Empire. As a result you will never be short of an opportunity to sit down and relax with a good-quality cup: there is a cafe on almost every street, and many serve leading Italian brands.
Coffee at a cafe is typically a long espresso, with milk/cream provided alongside. However, most will offer a menu with a large choice of coffees, including Viennese (served with whipped cream on top), cappuccino, Italian espresso, etc.



Tea is also universally available, though little distinction is typically made between actual tea and fruit infusions. If you want black tea, ask specifically for 'čierny čaj'. As in most of Europe, tea with milk – as drunk in Britain, Ireland, Australia, New Zealand, and elsewhere – seems generally to be regarded as an alien substance. Tea with lemon ('citrón') is normally a safer option.


There are several teahouses (look for signs marked 'čajovňa') dotted around the city, which serve a wide range of exotic teas from around the world. Most cafes also serve alcoholic drinks, and cigarettes – and many permit smoking.


As with restaurants, table service is the rule, though if you want a cake with your drink it is normal to visit the cafe's dessert cabinet, if it has one, and point to the one you want.


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