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Arcadia - Restaurant L'Olive
Bratislava has hundreds of restaurants and, as a result, most tastes are catered for. Naturally, Slovak cuisine is most common, but Chinese and Japanese, Argentinian and Cuban, Russian and American, among others, are all represented. Every budget is catered for. Haute cuisine can be had, as well as fast food: all the main international chains can be found in the city centre.



Many of Bratislava's restaurants offer a lunchtime deal – normally advertised as the 'denné menu' - comprising a soup and a choice of two or three main courses. These are normally tasty and very competitively priced, and restaurants get very busy as a result. Slovaks tend to eat their lunch early – noon is typically the busiest time – so getting a table can be easier later in the afternoon, though the special offer may by then be more limited.


Table service is the rule: a few city-centre eateries operate a lunchtime canteen-style self-service system, but almost none have buffets.


Service is typically professional, but not effusive. The language barrier can sometimes make waiters appear terse. Don't be put off: most restaurants have staff who speak at least some English; at the top ones all of them will. Almost all will at least have a menu translated into (often somewhat idiosyncratic) English.

Dobrú chuť! (Bon appetit!)


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