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Clubs invite you for good jazz

nu spirit
Club life has moved into Bratislava and audiences are anticipating good music in quality places. Our city has no need to envy the music metropoly. In new clubs, jazz players are getting more and more places to play.


One of the new music clubs in Bratislava is Nu Spirit in beautiful underground space on Šafárik Square. We got more information from the owner, the musical dramaturge and DJ, Rado Tomek: “A good club is mainly made by people. If quality, positive and non-aggressive music is played, there is a great chance that pleasant people will come. The name of our club, Nu Spirit, expresses that we are close to jazz and black music in general. We mainly focus upon positive music with a soul and various genres: acoustic jazz, soul, hip hop, house, funk or latino. Always quality pieces which don’t want to be liked at any price. For example, in my opinion, it’s good when the chef is also the owner of the restaurant. A similar philosophy applies to clubs.”

Music club Hlava XXII (Catch 22) is situated in the close vicinity of Bratislava centre. It has an excellent reputation thanks to musician and dramaturge, Nikolaj Nikitin. Recently, a large number of well known and lesser known top artists and music formations have performed on the club stage, not only from Slovakia but also from abroad. You can watch and listen to the music of various genres, from jazz to blues to funk, pop, latino, ethno music and rock almost every evening. What is N. Nikitin’s experience of the audience? “They are receptive, inquisitive and I believe that in time, they will visit clubs more and more. Our club scene so far hasn’t had a sufficiently strong infrastructure. Clubs should not be a massive part of the music business, but more a means for groups to create a fan base and fan clubs, and directly touch the audience. They require quality production and an impressive experience.”

A new music club, Music Gallery, was recently opened in the Old Town by the excellent Slovak drummer, Martin Valihora, who is an internationally renowned musician. How will his club differ from others in Bratislava? ”I don’t think it should differ at any cost. The main thing is that it is done well and it offers quality. Not only a quality programme but also quality space. Atmosphere is important so people will feel the art. That’s my goal. I love art. It is one of the things that gives me a feeling of freedom in my life. And I’d like to pass on this idea. I named the club Music Gallery but it’s sub-name is House of Creativity. Therefore, a lot of creative people can connect there. Not only those who are experienced but also young people to whom we would like to give an opportunity.“ 


Responsible: Martin Batora
Created / changed: 1.7.2010 / 1.7.2010


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