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The New Wharf at Vlcie Hrdlo

River Wharf
The concept for expanding Bratislava city centre to the east, west and south is linked to exploring the development potential of the Danube waterfront for the creation of a new wharf.


Transformation of the spacious dock area on the left bank between Apollo bridge, Prístavný bridge and the Slovnaft refinery constitutes an extension to the originally planned development of the docks to incorporate also the Vlčie hrdlo locality. This zone is earmarked for the construction of a new wharf with one dry dock, aiming to replace and enhance the commercial distribution, storage, transhipment and logistics function of the zone, and also boost the protective and water management function of the Winter Port. The new wharf will include a tri-modal transhipment terminal for moving goods between ship, rail and road vehicles all in a single location. The new wharf can also be linked up to the international railway network without any major problem.


Extending the wharf at Vlčie hrdlo would free up the area currently occupied by the Winter docks so that it could be used for development of attractive local amenities linked to the Pribinova and Mlynské nivy developments (Eurovea, Twin City) bordering the city centre. It also facilitates the integration of services for passenger and recreational cruises and sailing on the River Danube.

Responsible: Nina Turčanová
Created / changed: 10.3.2010 / 10.3.2010


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