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Between April and late October, the streets and squares of Bratislava's centre are alive with the sound of conversation and music as the summer gardens and street-side terraces of the numerous pubs, bars and restaurants open late into the night. In the winter the action moves indoors, to the vaulted cellars or designer interiors of the old town.



Catch a concert by a local band or DJ at one of the city's music venues – including one housed in a converted nuclear fall-out shelter from the communist era. Year-round, the city's dance clubs pack in the crowds with the latest rhythms or older classics. Door prices are reasonable and drinks prices competitive by European standards – in pubs, a glass of excellent local beer can be had for less than €2 and cocktails start at €3-5, though expect to pay more in clubs.

Our recommendation is to do as the Bratislavčans do, and start your evening with a stroll among the bars and pubs lining the narrow streets of the old town, then along the broad expanse of Hviezdoslavovo Square – a route known for decades by the city's residents as the 'Korzo'.



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