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The number of cinemas in Bratislava has decreased in recent years, but the number of screens has grown as multi-screen complexes have opened in out-of-town shopping centres. This means it is fairly easy to catch mainstream Hollywood fare, but seeking out independent films can be more of an adventure.
In contrast to US and British TV programmes, which are almost uniformly dubbed into Slovak, English-language films shown at cinemas are normally subtitled. The main exception is children's films, which are always dubbed. Also beware English-language films that might feature non-English dialogue; any English subtitles are typically removed to make way for the Slovak (or Czech).


Slovak cinema has been undergoing something of a renaissance lately, after almost dying out during the 1990s. The biggest-budget Slovak film ever, Juraj Jakubisko's historical drama Bathory, starring British actress Anna Friel in the lead role, was released in 2008. Lower-key efforts and documentary films such as Blind Loves, Cooking History and Broken Promise have also won international acclaim. Unfortunately, catching a Slovak film with English subtitles in Slovakia can prove nigh on impossible, apart from during film festivals.


The main multiplexes, at the Aupark, Eurovea Galleria and Polus shopping centres, are all operated by Palace Cinemas.  Daily schedules, with synopses (in English) are available here.


There are two cinemas in the city centre, both showing a combination of independent and mainstream films.  Kino Mladosť, with one screen, is the most central, on Hviezdoslavovo Square (no. 14).  Charlie Centrum, with three screens, is hidden near the Hotel Kyev: leaving the hotel, turn right, then left and look for a Coffee and Co.; go through the archway and across the (frequently unlit) car park.  There are also several film clubs, which screen features in other venues around the city such as university lecture theatres and community halls.  This is a good place to check what's on.


Film festivals are popular in Slovakia.  In late November/early December each year, the city hosts the Bratislava International Film Festival.  The main festival screenings in recent years have been held at Palace Cinemas Aupark.  Bratislava also hosts festivals devoted to particular subjects or formats throughout the year: look for bills posted around the city.



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