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Smoking is popular in Slovakia – around a third of people regularly light up – and until recently it was difficult to find a non-smoking restaurant or bar. However, new rules introduced in 2009 mean that any establishment serving food must now be non-smoking, or that smokers must at least be separated from the non-smoking area by a permanent wall. Rules for bars are different, and smoking in pubs is still common.



Technically, bars are defined as places that do not serve food, but some still do (apparently redefining their meals as 'snacks' in order to sidestep the regulations). City-centre cafes are generally non-smoking, and teashops (čajovňa) and fast-food outlets uniformly so, though in the summer smoking is permitted on outdoor terraces. You will find that smoking is common at most late-night venues. Smoking is prohibited on all public transport (and anywhere in or near a station or stop), and at hospitals, schools, universities, playgrounds, theatres, cinemas, shops and galleries. To buy cigarettes, you must be over 18. Most of the big international cigarette brands are widely available and can be bought at kiosks, newspaper stands, filling stations and most supermarkets. Restaurants, cafes and pubs also commonly sell cigarettes. These are often listed on their menus, though the choice may be limited; some pubs have cigarette vending machines, which offer a wider range. There are also several tobacconists in the city centre selling loose tobacco and other smoking products.

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