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Postal Service

Slovak Post
Bratislava's imposing main post office is on SNP Square (Námestie SNP 35) and is open 7 days a week (till 2pm on Sundays). Few of the staff speak English, and there are a daunting number of ornate wooden counters to choose from: just look for signs saying 'známky' (postage stamps) if you want to send a letter.



Unfortunately, Slovakia currently has some of the highest international postal rates in Europe (for instance, sending a postcard to the UK will cost at least €0.90; to the USA as much as €1.20).  But the interior of the post office, with its high stained glass ceiling, is worth a peek.


The national postal operator, Slovenská Pošta, has a web site, though no one seems to have got round to translating its 'English version' into English yet.


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