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City Symbols

While the city's current name, Bratislava, has been used only since 1919, its coat of arms dates back to 1436. This was when Sigismund of Luxembourg granted the town – then known as Pressburg to German-speakers and Pozsony to Hungarian-speakers – the right to use it.
The coat of arms depicts, on a red late-Gothic background, a silver, three-towered fortification with a gate in the centre. There are two golden spheres atop each tower and a golden, half-raised portcullis in the gate. It is a common misconception that the coat of arms represents Bratislava Castle or one of the city's four mediaeval gates (Michael's Gate, Laurinc Gate, Fish(ermen's) Gate or Vydrica Gate). In fact, it simply represents a general depiction of a mediaeval town.

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