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Wine and Wine Bars

Wine and Wine Bars
It is said that wine was brought to territory of Bratislava already by Romans who built vineyards and cultivated grapes. Quality of delicious wine was famous even in royal court of Austria – Hungary where Frankovka modra form grapery coming from Bratislava Urban district named Raca has been drank since 1767.



The tradition of fine wines in the region dates back to the days when this city supplied royal wine cellars and exported their vintages throughout the world. It is thought that grapes have been cultivated on the Small Carpathian Mountains since 200-300 BC. A trip to one of the city’s many wine bars is a viticulturist’s dream; the bartender is often able to tell you everything about the wine you are drinking.


Wine is life of whole country up to this day. Vintage feast, prestigious wine competitions, days of open cellars, wine tasting and feast of wine patron St. Urban is something like a finale of wine makers´ effort during whole year.


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