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Trails & Hiking

Bratislava’s location on the slopes of the Small Carpathian hills mean there is a wide range of hiking opportunities within the city itself and in the surrounding area. Forested hillsides comprise almost one quarter of the city’s area, so getting away from the traffic and bustle of the metropolis – even for just a short time – is easy.


Getting there:

There are many possible starting points for a short family trip, a walk, or an all-day hike from the city.


Probably the quickest way into the hills is to take the number 203 trolleybus from Hodžovo námestie (in front of the Presidential Palace), in the direction of Koliba.  Get off at the last stop and walk up the hill, where you will quickly enter the forest.  The forest trails emerge at a hill-top clearing where there are several bars and cafes, and from where longer trails into the hills begin.


Alternatively, take a train from the main railway station (hlavná stanica) to Bratislava-Železná studienka station, from where a trail (and a nearby road) leads up the tree-lined valley.  Along the way are a large children's playground and several lakes.  A cable car connects the top of the valley to the hill-top at Koliba (see above).

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