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Bratislava Forest Park

Železná studienka
Bratislava Forest Park, in the hills above the city, is a great place for both children and adults to relax in unspoilt countryside. Near the entrance to the park is the TV tower on Kamzík Hill (439 m above sea level) which is visible from much of the city. There is a revolving restaurant inside the tower. A short walk from it is a forest clearing with great views where visitors can toboggan down the hill in the winter snow, or via a specially constructed dry bobsleigh run during the rest of the year. There is also a ropewalk through the trees, and several cabins selling drinks and snacks are nearby.



A short way further up the same hill is a cable car (look for the signs to 'lanovka') linking the hill top with the Železná studnička valley.  At the bottom of the valley (about 4 kilometres' walk; or a few minutes by bus) is one of Bratislava's best children's playgrounds. A small railway station and a bus stop serve the area (go under the red bridge), both with connections back to the city. 



Reštaurácia Veža (in TV transmitter tower)

Cesta na Kamzík 14

817 57 Bratislava


Getting there:

There are many possible starting points for a short family trip, a walk, or an all-day hike from the city.


Probably the quickest way into the hills is to take the number 203 trolleybus from Hodžovo námestie (in front of the Presidential Palace), in the direction of Koliba.  Get off at the last stop and walk up the hill, where you will quickly enter the forest.  The forest trails emerge at the hill-top clearing described above. Longer trails into the hills start from here.


Alternatively, take a train from the main railway station (hlavná stanica) to Bratislava-Železná studienka station, from where a trail (and a nearby road) leads up the tree-lined valley.  Along the way are the children's playground mentioned above, and several lakes.  A cable car connects the head of the valley to the hill-top at Koliba.


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