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Location and Size

Bratislava is at the centre of Europe, in the extreme southwest of Slovakia. The edge of the city actually forms Slovakia's borders with Hungary, to the south, and Austria, to the west, making it the only capital city to border two neighbouring countries. In addition, the Czech Republic is only 62 kilometres away. The Austrian capital Vienna is only 60 kilometres distant, making them among the world's closest capital cities.



Bratislava lies on the banks of the Danube, the second longest river in Europe, and at the foot of the Small Carpathian hills. The Middle Danube basin begins at Devín Gate in western Bratislava. The city forms part of the Bratislava Region, one of eight into which Slovakia is divided. The city covers a total area of 367.58 square kilometres. As well as the Danube, which crosses the city from the west to the south-east, the city also encompasses parts of the Morava River, which forms the north-western border of the city and enters the Danube at Devín, the Little Danube, and the Vydrica, which enters the Danube in the borough of Karlova Ves. The Carpathian mountain range, one of Europe's biggest, begins in the city as the Small Carpathians (Malé Karpaty). The Záhorie and Danubian lowlands stretch into Bratislava in the west and the east respectively. The city's lowest point is the Danube's surface, at 126 metres above sea level; the highest point is Devínska Kobyla, at 514 metres. The average altitude of the city is 140 metres.



Area: 367.9 km2

Position: 17º7´ East, 48º9´ North

Elevation: 126m - 514m above sea level

Time zone: CET (GMT + 1 hour)

Summer time (March to October): GMT + 2 hours

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