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Cycling is a great way to see some of Bratislava's best features. You will notice that the residents of the city, with one or two intrepid exceptions, don't use bicycles as a means of transport. So if you rent one, or bring your own, you will probably find yourself battling alone with the cars and buses (it's wisest not to battle with the trams).


However, recreational cycling is very popular, and there are some excellent cycle paths very close to the centre. Some of them form part of long-distance routes which continue to Austria, the Czech Republic and Hungary.  Within the city, some of the most popular dedicated paths run through the meadows lining the Danube River in the Petržalka, Rusovce and Čunovo districts.

Bicycle rental

If you do not own a bike and would like to take a trip whether cyclists sought after " Hrádza - Dam " or cruise historic streets of Bratislava, there is the possibility for you to rent a bike. This service is offered by several companies and  selection of the most suitable for your needs is entirely up to you . List of companies that provide this service can be found below.  So there is rally nothing more then wish you safe trip through cycling Bratislava .

Bicycle rental
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