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Bratislava Borderland Area

With Slovakia’s recent accession to the Schengen area, Bratislava is getting new opportunities for the development of the city, which was restricted on political grounds to the Slovak side in the middle of the 20th century.


Bratislava is getting ready for the development in the borderland and so-called Quadrant Four. The vision of the city is to provide its inhabitants with access to the border area in the southwest and northwest of Bratislava. The city is currently working on the regulation of the development in these suburban areas in order to maintain a natural relationship with nearby foreign communities, as well as prevent the devastation of the natural environment and the natural green border. As a tool of regulation, the city will carry out a study to provide a framework for the territorial planning documents concerning the areas of the three countries.


It is not the aim to cover all the vacant land with buildings in the coming years. Bratislava’s Quadrant Four is spread over an area of 3,500 hectares. Approximately 10 % is urbanised, while 5 % of the area is for sports and relaxation. The pieces of other land, with a high quality natural environment, are suitable especially for recreation, leisure and tourism.


Bratislava expects that the potential for development will be gradually developed in the borderland, and its territorial and functional relations with the neighbouring countries will be renewed. Numerous communities in Austrian and Hungarian border areas are closer to Bratislava’s centre than some of the traditional city districts. “Only now we are coming to realise that the development of Bratislava was unnaturally affected and pushed away towards the southeast, the northwest and the northeast due to the border established less that three kilometres of the city centre,” says Andrej Ďurkovský, Lord Mayor of Bratislava. “What we are witnessing these days is a regular public transport service to Hainburg located near the border, together with the creations of new lanes of one-family houses owned by the people of Bratislava in nearby Wolfsthale or Rajka, in Austria or Hungary respectively.“

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Created / changed: 6.3.2008 / 29.5.2008


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