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Local Government

local government
Bratislava, the capital of the Slovak Republic, is governed by elected local government bodies. The City Mayor is the highest representative of the city executive. The highest legislative power in Bratislava falls to the eighty-member City Council. This local government structure has been in place since 1990.


Bratislava is split into 17 boroughs. The largest of them is Petržalka, which is home to almost 120,000 residents. The boroughs are independent legal entities that manage their own assets and budget. Each borough has its own borough mayor, local borough office, and local council. The number of councillors depends on the size of the borough and its population.  


The Mayor of Bratislava is elected by residents directly by way of communal elections. The winner of the election is the candidate that receives most votes. The Mayor’s term of office is four years. The Mayor has City Hall at his/her disposal to arrange the expert, administrative and service-related activities. The staff of City Hall are professionals with no political bias. City Hall is run by its director.


The Mayor is represented by his deputies, who are appointed by the City Council. They are proposed by the Mayor from the ranks of the City Council councillors.


The City Council is made up of 80 councillors. They are also elected by city residents for four years. The City Council usually convenes once a month. Its main duty is to prepare and approve municipal legislation, so-called generally binding regulations or ordinances. The City Council is also responsible for approving the city budget, the closing account of the city, and the land use plan, as well as managing the city’s assets.
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