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Education and Youth

Historically, Bratislava has always had a strong density of quality educational institutions. They guarantee the further advancement of top level science and research and also provide the region with a pool of various experts.


Bratislava has traditionally been the university city of Slovakia. It is home to 8 separate universities with around thirty faculties, attended by more than 70,000 students. The tradition of university education in Bratislava goes back to 1465, when the first university Academia Istropolitana was founded.

The oldest modern university in the city is Comenius University, which was established in 1919. Bratislava universities cover all areas of science and research, including economics, information technologies, legal sciences, humanitarian sciences, social sciences, medicine, art and natural sciences. University education is complemented by a strong network of elementary and secondary schools. It is thanks to such a high concentration of universities and colleges that Bratislava is a young city with an average age of just 36.

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