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Twin City Liner
Perhaps the nicest way to arrive in Bratislava is by riverboat, via the Danube. The Rhine–Main–Danube Canal links Bratislava with the North Sea; the Danube River connects it to the Black Sea.
Cruises along the Danube have been a big hit with tourists for many years. River cruises go to and from Budapest, and a scheduled passenger service, the Twin City Liner, connects Bratislava and Vienna by high-speed catamaran several times a day during summer (services are less frequent in winter).



Bratislava's passenger port is in the heart of the city near the pedestrian zone, major historical monuments, and a wide array of attractive restaurants and cafes. Around 300,000 passengers pass through the port each year.


During the summer, boat services also run to Devín Castle, at the confluence of the Danube and Morava Rivers, and on to the nearby Austrian village of Hainburg; or downstream to the Danubiana art gallery and the hydroelectric dam at Gabčíkovo.


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