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Bratislava and the Romans

At around the time of the birth of Christ the Romans discovered the strategic importance of the site that Bratislava now occupies. They did not settle the area permanently, but instead built military camps which also served to protect strategic trade routes.


One of these camps was called Gerulata and was situated on the site of the present-day Bratislava district of Rusovce.  It formed part of the Limes Romanus system of defences, which separated the Roman world from the barbarian tribes. Bratislava can also thank the Romans for being celebrated as a town of vintners and viticulturists. During their conquests the Roman legions spread the cultivation of vines and winemaking, at the order of the emperor, to cover all inhabited areas. This is how winegrowing eventually spread to France, Spain and Germany, as well as to Bratislava and its surrounding region.

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