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Events and Festivals


ConcertThe city has a full calendar of festivals events, and regularly attracts large meetings and conventions.  Check out our events calendar for up-to-the-minute details .


Among regular favourites are: the Viva Musica! festival, which normally take place over several days in early summer; Bratislava Jazz Days, another multi-day music festival, normally held in November; and the Bratislava International Film Festival, held in late November or early December.


For the last few summers, an artificial beach, with deckchairs, bars and live entertainment, has been set up on the right bank of the Danube, opposite the old town.  This normally operates from June to late August.


The city traditionally hosts a New Year's Eve party, free to all, in the city centre, with live music and entertainment.  Turnout at the event in recent years has topped 10,000, so you will not be short of fellow revellers.  Bratislava can be cold in December, so wrap up warm!




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