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St. Martin´s CathedralBratislava is at the centre of Europe, a fact reflected by its excellent transport connections. Vienna, with its large international airport, is only 60 kilometres away; Budapest is 200 km to the southeast; and Prague just 300km to the northwest. All of these cities are connected to Bratislava by multi-lane highways and regular international express trains.


Whether you fly, arrive by boat along the River Danube, or by car or train, getting to the city is quick and easy. Bratislava is the gateway to Slovakia, both practically and symbolically. Walking around Bratislava you will discover that it really is a little big city. The intimate and compact ancient city centre, which is home to most of the city’s cultural and historical monuments, is an exclusively pedestrian zone. Within walking distance are not only the best hotels and restaurants, but also a wealth of galleries, museums, theatres and historical sights.


The city's excellent public transport system, provided by trams, buses and trolleybuses, means you can move around easily outside the old town core. The same tickets are valid on all modes of transport and can be bought at any newspaper kiosk or from yellow coin-operated ticket machines located near most stops. A 15-minute, single-ride ticket costs €0.50; a 60-minute, multi-ride ticket costs €0.70. One-day tickets cost €3.50, and multi-day tickets are also available.  To be valid, tickets must be stamped immediately upon boarding. Timetables, showing the origin and destination of each service, are posted at all stops.


Returning to your accommodation in the ‘wee small hours’ is not a problem. If you are staying outside the city centre there are a large number of taxi services, or night buses, which run from 23:00 to 05:00.


Bratislava has many underground and open-air car parks. The cheapest parking is normally in designated parking places on city streets, tickets for which can be bought from street sellers wearing orange vests. We strongly recommend that you use designated parking places only, in order to avoid having your car clamped or towed away!



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