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City beachBratislava is not just the political, but is also the cultural and sporting capital of Slovakia. Owing to its historically multi-ethnic character, the city's cultural scene is a product of various influences: German, Slovak, Hungarian, and Jewish, among others. Bratislava boasts numerous theatres, museums, galleries, concert halls, cinemas, film clubs, and foreign cultural institutions.

It also has the country's biggest football and ice hockey teams, a purpose-built white-water rafting centre on the Danube, and numerous walking and cycling trails in or near the city. High-quality spa and relaxation facilities, increasingly popular throughout Slovakia, are easily accessible. Bratislava has numerous coffee shops and restaurants, offering international as well as Slovak cuisine, as well as lively bars and clubs.



Polooblačno, prehánka
08:30 h
16 ºC
Prevažne oblačno
13/21 ºC
Malá oblačnosť
11/24 ºC


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