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AccommodationBratislava has accommodation for everyone, whatever your budget. More than 70 accommodation facilities provide services in various categories and standards.


The more luxurious ones are in the city centre, many of which are right in the old town pedestrian zone. However, more economical guesthouses and hostels can also be found in the centre. Students, young people and others will definitely appreciate the wide array of smaller guesthouses and youth hostels in the city. During the summer months, many of Bratislava's university student dormitories also offer accommodation.


The compact size of the city and excellent public transport system mean that you can use any of the hotels and guesthouses on the outskirts of the city in the knowledge that the centre is never far away, while also enjoying the opportunity to go horse-riding, play tennis, or just take a walk in the forest. Bratislava's growing popularity as a tourist destination has been reflected in rising occupancy levels at its hotels, so we recommend you book well in advance.




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